It’s a blanket or blanket that covers the entire body surface generating heat as it penetrates + or – 1 cm deep and its effect is at skin level. Its use is applying a hot gel reducer, covered by osmotic paper, which increases body temperature and blood flow, promoting fat burning overall.
Infrared radiation combined with heat transfer by conduction, increase body heat to controlled therapeutic levels, increasing fat metabolism.
Thanks to its “envelope” design and perfect temperature control and time programming, reduction, relaxation and cellulite treatment is possible in a single session. Vasodilation, achieved with increased body temperature, increase blood flow and thus the tissue oxygenation in the treated areas, both desirable effects in the treatment of cellulite.


Surface heat team consisting of bands applied in the area to be treated (arms, abdomen or legs). They use and effects are equal to those of termobag, only that this is localized heat.
Thermotherapy is the application of heat for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes on the body by high temperature material bodies, above physiological levels.
Its use dates back to the earliest Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians and other ancient peoples used it in the treatment of multiple conditions times. Precisely because of its effectiveness, thermotherapy has continued uninterrupted to this day being used, modified and improved forms of heat application.