IPL Treatments

IPL Treatment


System Features : Five treatments in one unit:

• Hair Removal
• Skin Rejuvenation
• Pigmentation Therapy
• Vascular Therapy
• Acne Therapy)






Acne Therapy

Acne occurs when sebum is unable to leave the skin because a hair follicle is blocked. This may result in growth of bacteria below the surface of the skin. Inflammation can occur, and rupture of an inflamed area can lead to scarring.

IPL and laser systems work by reducing the blood supply to the sebaceous gland, which slows down production of sebum and accelerate the healing process acne.

The visible light produced by the IPL systems is carefully controlled to produce the correct pulse length and wavelengths to reduce the acne without damaging the surrounding tissue.


Pigmentation Therapy

Benign pigmented lesions may be genetic in origin or may be caused by physical damage such as sunburn or injury, as well as the natural effect of ageing. The lesions can vary in size and color. It is always important to ensure that the lesion is not malignant before removing it.


Laser Hair Removal

1 Laser Hair Removal Small area (lips,underarms..) $50
1 Laser Hair Removal Medium area (Brazilian Bikini) $75
1 Laser Hair Removal Upper Lip $40
6 Laser Hair Removal Medium area (Brazilian Bikini) $399
6 Laser Hair Removal Small area (lips,underarms..) $249
6 Laser Hair Removal on Large area (Full legs…)